What is a Prayer Cell? A prayer cell is a purposeful gathering of three to twelve believers under the guidance of the same church, focused to bring constant spiritual renewal and growth in their lives and to be a constant reminder of the reality of salvation through Jesus Christ in their neighbourhood. What are the key activities of a Prayer Cell? 
  • It’s a time of meditation and self-examination to become better disciples of Jesus Christ
  • It’s a time to unite in prayer for each other, for the neighbourhood, for the nation and the church
  • It’s a time to prayerfully plan and identify ways and means to reach the neighbourhood with guidance from the church.
How to get involved in the Prayer Cell ministry?       Initially, you can get involved in two ways:
  1. Join a prayer cell in your area by contacting the church
  2. Start a prayer cell in your area if there is no prayer cell from our church by contacting the chief pastor of the church in person.